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Appraisers Key West

Statement of Confidentiality and Security

Barefoot Appraisal acknowledges that all information and documents disclosed by you, herein referred to as "the Customer", to Barefoot Appraisal, or which comes to the attention of Barefoot Appraisal during the course of its service under this Agreement, constitutes valuable assets of and are proprietary to "the Customer".

Barefoot Appraisal also acknowledges that "the Customer" has a responsibility to keep "the Customer" records and information confidential and proprietary.  Barefoot Appraisal understands that you have a responsibility to your clients and customers to keep said information secure, private and confidential.

Barefoot Appraisal agrees not to disclose, either directly or indirectly, to any person, firm or corporation, information of any kind, nature or description concerning matters affecting or relating to the business of "the Customer" without the written approval or consent from "the Customer", unless the information is already in the public domain.

Barefoot Appraisal also agrees not to sell or exchange email addresses or same information for the purpose of advertising or solicitation unless "the Customer" agrees as listed in current or future forms, emails or in writing.

These provisions shall survive termination of this Agreement.



Craig Martin



Chief Residential Appraiser